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How Do You Do That? / How to add an Avatar under your name.
« Last post by 26AT048 on September 12, 2013, 09:15:34 AM »
Log into your account. Top menu click Profile.  Then once viewing your profile, you will see highlighted above Summary ‘Profile Info’ next to that ‘Modify Profile’ hover over ‘Modify Profile’ and a drop down menu appears, select ‘Forum Profile’

You will now see a new screen, at the top you can see Personalized Picture. There are three options – No Avatar, Choose avatar from gallery or Specify avatar by URL. We are going to select a county flag from the gallery.

Select ‘Choose avatar from gallery’ you will now see a box on the right with (no pic) [Actors] [County Flags] and [Musicians]. Select ‘County Flags’

Another box with a list in appears to the right, you will see ALL the England county flags listed, scroll down and select yours.

Now scroll down the whole page and you will see bottom right ‘Change Profile’ click this and this saves your new setting. You will now have an avatar under your name.
Public Information / Registration
« Last post by 26AT048 on August 01, 2013, 10:46:45 AM »
Registration on this site is now set to Adminastrator approvel only when you join, this is due to a high amount of spam accounts being made. In most cases approvel will be granted or dinied within 24 hours of signing up.

Thank you for your understanding.
How Do You Do That? / How to receive notifications of posts
« Last post by 26AT048 on July 28, 2013, 03:11:04 PM »
You can receive notifications on posts you have replied to or started, on posts made in specific forum boards or just on specific posts that you have not posted on. The system is flexible and easy to use if you understand how to use it. The advantage of the flexibility is that every member can set it to suit their personal needs, or not set it at all.

First step – your profile notification settings

First step is to go to your profile (the link is located on the main menu at the top) Profile info will then be highlighted. Go to modify Profile and a drop down appears, select Notifications.

This is your notification control panel, you will be able to see and control from here topic and forum boards that you have set to notify you.

There are 2 tick boxes and 2 drop down boxes.

The first one if selected will notify you on any replies on a topic you make or reply too.
The second one if ticked will include all the post in the notification or just the latest reply.

There are then the 2 drop down boxes, the first one controls how often you see the notifications the next one on why you are notified.

Under this you will see current topic and current board notifications, as you add topics and boards to your list, this is where they will show and allow you to turn off notifications from them if required.

Step 2 how to set the Boards/topics to notify you.

Now go to forum from the main menu, select any of the forums you see, for example General Chat. On the topic right of the listed topics you will see New Topic (this is to start a topic) Notify (this is what we want) and Mark Read (this will mark all topics in this forum as read).

By clicking Notify you will now be notified of new topics posted in this forum, it will not notify you every time a reply is made to the new topic.

If you click on any post in the forum, you will again at the top right of the post see boxes, again we want Notify, by clicking this, it will notify you every time a post is made in that topic.

Suggested settings

In profile turn on notifications on when you post or reply to a topic. Leave the rest at default.
Go to the forums boards you believe you want to keep up to date on and select notify for each forum board.
Yet remember there is no substitute for visiting the forum regular, seeing what is new, making new posts and posting replies to interact, as with the best will in the world, you will miss something if you don’t.
How Do You Do That? / Spell Checker
« Last post by 26AT048 on July 21, 2013, 08:48:19 PM »
Although this forum has a build in Spell Checker, due to server restrictions, it is not available at this time.

Internet Explorer does not have its own spell checker, yet if you use Fire Fox or Google Chrome, they have spell checkers that will work on the forum.
How Do You Do That? / Alternitive Email Addresses
« Last post by 26AT048 on July 21, 2013, 08:37:41 PM »
Alternate Email Address

How to create an online email account. For some safe guarding their personal email address is very important. One way you can do this is by setting up an online email for your radio use. There are many providers out there, to name just a few they are Yahoo, Hotmail, Gmail, AOL. The chances are that you could create an account with your call sign incorporated as this is a pretty unique thing.

The upside of this is it protects your personal email address, it’s not easily traceable, it can be dedicated for any correspondence and sign ups that are radio related, as its online, you have not got to worry about spam arriving on your PC from it. You can set t up so you PC based email software such as outlook can be used in conjunction with it.

The downside is you have to remember to log on and check it, some sites automatically spam anything from these types of online services, you have limited control over the spam filters, so emails to you often end up in their junk box and are missed, not the most secure and have been known to be hacked.

I am not going to do a how to do it post here, as I feel these sites are pretty easy to use and self explanatory. If you decide to do this, you can easily change your email address on the forum to suit.
How Do You Do That? / Post an Image
« Last post by 26AT048 on July 21, 2013, 08:23:41 PM »
A guide on how to post a picture on the forum. This guide is based upon the picture being hosted on a Photo Bucket Account, which there is a guide on how to do in this section if you don’t have one. There are many free hosts for images and any will work on the forum, the principle is the same for all, just the source is different.

1.   Log into the forum as normal and navigate to ‘Forum’ from the menu and select the forum section that your post would be best suited to.

2.   Next you need to create either a new Thread or Post reply (if adding an image to an existing discussion) in this case it’s going to be New Thread, yet it’s the same method to insert the image.

3.   Add a title if it’s a new topic, add any text you may wish too. You will see under the box for entering text a line of buttons, if you hold your mouse over them, a description of what they are will pop up. To post an image, you need to click the one with the tree on.

4.   If you click the inset image one (there is no insert image on quick reply), you will see the following appear in your post . At this point you will need to have your Photo Bucket or other source of image open and ready.

5.   To insert an image having followed number 4, you need the direct link AKA the images URL (this always begins with http) and place it between the

6.   Another option is not to press the IMG button (the little tree) as some hosts such as Photo Bucket have all the code you require, it will be titled IMG code, you need to copy the whole link and add it where you would like your image to appear in your post, effectively it will have the URL of the image with the image tags each side.

7.   If you wish to post multiple pictures, you will need to have image tags for each picture and the link for each one, they are best placed under each other with a space between them.

8.   Now press the preview button, this will allow you to view your post before it is posted to the forum, this is a good way to check you have done it correctly and amend anything you may wish to do before you post it to the forum.

9.   In preview you will see how your post will appear and underneath it you will see a box with what you have just written/added. You can edit anything you like there and can preview the changes or Submit the post.
Public Information / Welcome
« Last post by 26AT048 on July 21, 2013, 08:15:15 PM »
Welcome to the 26 Alfa Tango Divisions official website and forum, Please take the time to look around, the forum is open to anyone within the Radio hobby and not just limited to members. As a guest, your viewing is very limited and you are not able to add posts. If you join the forum and are not a member of the Alfa Tango Group in any division, this does not matter, as even as a regular member, there is plenty more going on. To sign up to the fourm, there is a post explaing all in the 'How do you do that' section.
How Do You Do That? / How to register
« Last post by 26AT048 on July 21, 2013, 08:11:31 PM »
On the forums homepage on the left hand side, you will then see username and password, under this you will see Welcome, Guest. Please login or register. Click register. You will now see the Registration agreement, scroll down and click you accept the terms of the agreement and that you are over 13 years old.

Now you will be presented with a sign up page, may we suggest your user name be your Call sign (this makes life much easier all round) all the information requested on sign up must be filled in, otherwise it will not let you register. There is then a Verification at the bottom of the page to confirm you are a real person.

After clicking register you will receive an email from the forum, please ensure you check your junk mail before contacting me if you have not received it. The email will contain a link to click (or manually paste) which you must do, this confirms your email address to your account and activates your user account.

After you have activated your account, you may still not have access to all features immediately as the appropriate permissions need to be set depending on your type of forum membership, these are done by a forum Admin manually, yet we try to do this within 24 hour. After these are set, you are good to go.
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