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Post an Image
« on: July 21, 2013, 08:23:41 PM »
A guide on how to post a picture on the forum. This guide is based upon the picture being hosted on a Photo Bucket Account, which there is a guide on how to do in this section if you donít have one. There are many free hosts for images and any will work on the forum, the principle is the same for all, just the source is different.

1.   Log into the forum as normal and navigate to ĎForumí from the menu and select the forum section that your post would be best suited to.

2.   Next you need to create either a new Thread or Post reply (if adding an image to an existing discussion) in this case itís going to be New Thread, yet itís the same method to insert the image.

3.   Add a title if itís a new topic, add any text you may wish too. You will see under the box for entering text a line of buttons, if you hold your mouse over them, a description of what they are will pop up. To post an image, you need to click the one with the tree on.

4.   If you click the inset image one (there is no insert image on quick reply), you will see the following appear in your post . At this point you will need to have your Photo Bucket or other source of image open and ready.

5.   To insert an image having followed number 4, you need the direct link AKA the images URL (this always begins with http) and place it between the

6.   Another option is not to press the IMG button (the little tree) as some hosts such as Photo Bucket have all the code you require, it will be titled IMG code, you need to copy the whole link and add it where you would like your image to appear in your post, effectively it will have the URL of the image with the image tags each side.

7.   If you wish to post multiple pictures, you will need to have image tags for each picture and the link for each one, they are best placed under each other with a space between them.

8.   Now press the preview button, this will allow you to view your post before it is posted to the forum, this is a good way to check you have done it correctly and amend anything you may wish to do before you post it to the forum.

9.   In preview you will see how your post will appear and underneath it you will see a box with what you have just written/added. You can edit anything you like there and can preview the changes or Submit the post.
Cheers J

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