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How to receive notifications of posts
« on: July 28, 2013, 03:11:04 PM »
You can receive notifications on posts you have replied to or started, on posts made in specific forum boards or just on specific posts that you have not posted on. The system is flexible and easy to use if you understand how to use it. The advantage of the flexibility is that every member can set it to suit their personal needs, or not set it at all.

First step Ė your profile notification settings

First step is to go to your profile (the link is located on the main menu at the top) Profile info will then be highlighted. Go to modify Profile and a drop down appears, select Notifications.

This is your notification control panel, you will be able to see and control from here topic and forum boards that you have set to notify you.

There are 2 tick boxes and 2 drop down boxes.

The first one if selected will notify you on any replies on a topic you make or reply too.
The second one if ticked will include all the post in the notification or just the latest reply.

There are then the 2 drop down boxes, the first one controls how often you see the notifications the next one on why you are notified.

Under this you will see current topic and current board notifications, as you add topics and boards to your list, this is where they will show and allow you to turn off notifications from them if required.

Step 2 how to set the Boards/topics to notify you.

Now go to forum from the main menu, select any of the forums you see, for example General Chat. On the topic right of the listed topics you will see New Topic (this is to start a topic) Notify (this is what we want) and Mark Read (this will mark all topics in this forum as read).

By clicking Notify you will now be notified of new topics posted in this forum, it will not notify you every time a reply is made to the new topic.

If you click on any post in the forum, you will again at the top right of the post see boxes, again we want Notify, by clicking this, it will notify you every time a post is made in that topic.

Suggested settings

In profile turn on notifications on when you post or reply to a topic. Leave the rest at default.
Go to the forums boards you believe you want to keep up to date on and select notify for each forum board.
Yet remember there is no substitute for visiting the forum regular, seeing what is new, making new posts and posting replies to interact, as with the best will in the world, you will miss something if you donít.
Cheers J

*Any help you need regarding the forum, please do not hesitate to ask*


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