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Puglia Trophy 2022
« on: February 07, 2022, 05:04:46 PM »
The Puglia Trophy consists in contacting the largest number of references and units of the Puglia region (Italy).

Time: from 10 to 30 June 2022

During this period the AT units of this Italian region will be active as:

-          Own  call of AT’s units in Puglia as this for example: 1AT073 Puglia Trophy – 10 points
-          Special call from Puglia’s Light Houses (see below L.O.T.A. valid references) – 10 points
-          Special call from Puglia’s Municipalities (IMA) – 10 points
-          Special call from Puglia’s Islands (I.W.I. and I.I.A. of Puglia are valid)- 20 points
-          Special call from Puglia’s Summits (S.O.T.A.) – 20 points
-          Special call from Puglia’s DCI (only coastal towers are listed) – 20 points
-          Special call sign 1AT-PUG – 20 points (you can make 1 qso each day)
-          Every province in Puglia (Ba, Bt, Le, Ta, Br, Fg) – 50 points
-          Jolly stations:: 1AT-JP; 1AT-JU; 1AT-JG; 1AT-JL; 1AT-JI; 1AT-JA. 20 points each.

MULTIPLAYERS: everyone of the Puglia provinces count as a multiplier x 10

                 Try to collect the 6 different Jolly stations and you get a multiplier x 10

                - Attention: the simple qso of AT units don’t count as a reached province. Only references count.

                - The AT units of Puglia are not in competition as hunters.


How to participate:

-          No registration need;
-          No log to send;
-          All people can take part at the trophy simply logging the “AT” stations  in Puglia;
-          The final classification will be done with including all logs of Puglia Activators;
-          The final classification will be edit on not before of 30 August.

Further details can be found on Alfa Tango Asti main website
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